United Community School

Anna Bjella- United Community Schools Director

Anna Bjella- United Community Schools Director

My name is Anna Bjella, and I’m very excited to be joining YLE as the Community School Director! I grew up in Florida, and moved to Brooklyn just over five years ago. My background is in STEAM education and education administration, and I am passionate about children and community organizing.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time in nature by hiking and biking. I also enjoy indoor rock climbing, reading, and I am an avid Minecrafter. I’m so excited to be working with the YLE team this year!

Darrell Wilson- United Community Schools Assistant Director

Darrell Wilson- United Community Schools Assistant Director 

Hello, my name is Darrell Wilson & I am the Community Schools Assistant Director for PS 369. I am a passionate educator and science fiction nerd who grew up In Harlem, NY.  I received an education at Touro College, prior to arriving at PS 369 I spent 4 years at the Department of Education where I gained a ton of experience as a Lead Teaching Assistant & IT coordinator.

The work I am currently involved in is extremely important to me, I want to be able to give back to local communities and provide as much help for public schools.

Parents Support

Keith Pimentel - YLE Parent Coordinator 

Hello all I am your friendly Parent Coordinator, Keith Pimentel. I have had the honor of working here at YLE since September 2023 and looking forward to many years at YLE. I was born and raised in Brooklyn but I spent my weekends with my family here in the Bronx close by on 138th st. My background is in education and my passion is helping and making a difference in a child’s or adult's life for the better.

Other than that, I enjoy music, Movies and spending time with my family. Family is key to your success and I own them an immense amount of respect because of who they are. With that being said I hope to get to meet all of our YLE parents and have a great school year of 2023-2024!